Authentic Greek Food Celebrate your event
with the ultimate
“Gyro My Love” or our
Mediterranean Buffet.
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The legendary Greek wind that opens your appetite

One needs nothing more than a sip of Ouzo, a bite from a Greek salad, a decent place in the Aegean sun and a dash of Mediterranean blue in the eye…

Instead of taking you to the Greek isles,  “Meltemi” Catering can prepare and deliver to your home or to your office, traditional Greek food that will take you there…

Mediterranean diet is very popular in Los Angeles, living healthy reflects our values and attitudes. The Greek diet is recognized as one of the most balanced and beneficial diets in the world.

Whatever the OccasioN … you’re covered

From a casual dinner party with gyro, hummus, tzatziki and Greek salad, to an office Greek lunch break or a formal corporate Mediterranean buffet, we are here to cover you.

Tell us a little bit about your event, your budget, to fit in…